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Posted by: Terra from the Shop My Power Team

Shop My Power Forever
We know. You have been hurt. You have been confused. You have been outraged! Maybe you have been bitten by electricity companies in the past. Perhaps you have had good relationships, but the loyalty is waning? Maybe you need something special like a short term gig or maybe even something variable for just one blissful month (scandelous!) Come on right over here and sit down and let’s talk about it (pat pat). Shop My Power is here for you and  in for the long term. We aren’t here to use you. We want what is best for you.

You want a new forever home for your electricity plan and to settle down and think about other things. We want to help.

We will never slap you around or abuse you. Our customers need an extra dose of love to get settled in and that is exactly what we are here to do. When you start to doubt our love for you, click on over to our blog Be reminded that we only have eyes for you. Give Shop My Power a try for all your electricity procurement needs and soon you will be gazing out your window office thinking about your broker with a big goofy grin on our face more than you care to admit. Don’t worry about it one bit – we are thinking about you too. It’s cool if you want to carve our name in a tree.

Shop My Power Tree Carving

Thank you for giving trust a try at Shop My Power today. We hope you will be our Valentine.


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