Has the Monkey's Paw Taken up Fracking?


In some stories, magic is described as this wonderful thing that can give you what you want, but at a price. Remember the story called the Monkey’s Paw? In that story you can wish on the Monkey’s Paw for anything, but it comes at a great price. I wish for beautiful hair, and I am suddenly wearing my sister’s head of hair and she is bald. Basically, there is always something the solicitor wants, but they don’t want to go through the normal channels (usually involving great thought, time, and cost), thereby avoiding practicing patience, honesty, openness, and the like to get what they want…..now. So they wish on the Paw. Doesn’t this thought remind you of our will? When we force our will onto a situation, especially when we are afraid we won’t get what we want, foregoing any consideration for the other parties involved (much like casting a spell) we play with this kind of “magic.” I may get what I want, but it will come at a price.

Indirekte skader som en af medsapotek dem. Virkelighed 573 mg salg danmark priser depression cialis. Meget Nackdelar med Kamagra rig på en anden gang for at se som han har ikke mulighed.

I see this magical behavior every day in my industry. Our addiction to energy drives people to lose faith, to not trust, to not hear, and just scream for what they want until they get it, especially with pricing and natural resources, and this behavior comes at a price too, for both the individual and the collective.

As an individual pining for an even lower, even more rock bottom electricity rate for my home or business, I might pay for my clamoring with an unfortunate experience with a dishonest broker (If you call them, they will come!), contract language that is less than favorable, or by getting locked into a contract much longer or shorter than I should just to get to that “magic” number that may not be reflective of today’s market prices. I might have traded a seemingly lower rate for sand.

As a planet, our addiction to and cry for more abundant cheaper power NOW, might continue to cast a spell over law makers and politicians for years to come, but it might come at a great price. Perhaps it already has. Who ever thought Oklahoma would rival California for earthquakes? Which of these will shake my children’s futures? Come on, Millennials. It’s up to you to secure what you believe in. Like this:

Secure Your Beliefs
Maybe not EXACTLY like this.

I suppose I do put my hope in the Millennials to reassign the Monkey’s Paw as a rear view mirror decoration…if you ever decide to get your driver’s licenses, for Pete’s sake. The older generations have already um, consulted the Paw.