Shut the Front Door! (and other ways to save on your electricity bill at home.)

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So here is the thing. I am an electricity broker. That is what I do, so you would think that the reason my home’s electricity bill has gone from an average of $400/mo to an average of $200/mo was because I got out there and used my ninja negotiating skills or bullied some suppliers into a cutting edge rate, yes? Well, not actually. I mean sure, I make sure to get the lowest residential rate by using the same platform we provide to our customers ( and I am currently finishing out a 6 month plan at a great rate, BUT that is not how I cut my bill in half.

We got a new air conditioner. We were forced to, of course. No force on the planet would have convinced me it was a good idea to upgrade until I am pouring buckets of sweat in my house after my 25 year old unit finally heaved its last. The savings I saw were about 40% of our bill GONE right away. Something else really interesting is that our utility (ONCOR) was doing this program that allowed us to get our home “sealed” for nothing. Free! They came in and added door jams, insulation and all kinds of nifty rigs to make sure the cold air is not air conditioning my bird house outside. So that helped our new bill by another 25%.. And finally (and here is the kicker) we repaired a window and my average bill went down another 24$ a month.

Sealing this window make a big difference in the way our bill shrank. My son (much older now and pictured above of course) put a ball through the window years ago. So what does a busy mom do? She duct tapes the hole. Don’t judge, I am trying to help you. So the “repair” got old and air starts flying out of my home again and voila! Big bill.

The point is, that we get so wrapped up in “rate” that we cannot see the forest for all the trees. The point here is to pay less, right? So let’s set aside our inner mobster negotiator and shut the front door before we get on the horn to haggle that new electricity rate at home. Better yet, if you want to conserve time and energy, let us do that shopping for you.

Here is another HUGE tip about saving money on your power bill – when “reps” come calling at your door……take my advice one more time, shut the door before they can swindle you and save yourself a world of heartache. Visit and enter your zip code to see a list of plans in your area from multiple suppliers today!

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