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Electric Companies

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Power deregulation is becoming very common throughout the United States, but a lot of consumers don't understand what it is and how it can benefit them. The truth is, power deregulation is being set in place by the government to prevent consumers from having limited choices for a power supplier. Deregulation in turn is making the power supply market more competitive, which is causing electric companies to offer consumers more affordable prices for electricity.

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Originally, consumers had a limited selection of power suppliers because the power company that owned the equipment that was wired to their homes was traditionally the only option they had. This meant that power suppliers could set the cost of their energy at whatever price they wanted. Since deregulation has occurred, energy providers are free to provide their products to a larger amount of consumers in markets they couldn't reach before. In the end, the consumer is the one that ends up winning.

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Not only are electric companies making the price of energy more competitive, the service plans that they are offering their customers are more accommodating. Consumers can choose between fixed rate and variable rate plans for their energy. The freedom to choose a long term or a month to month power rate is also something consumers can consider when choosing a service plan that works for them.

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The method in which the power supplier generates the energy that the consumer uses can also be a variable that persuades certain users to choose a new power supplier. Consumers can choose a power provider that implements a specific power generation process. This includes the traditional power generation process or suppliers that use alternate means to create electricity, like wind, water or solar energy plants. This can be appealing to a more environmentally friendly consumer, who is looking to support a supplier that utilizes a renewable energy source.

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Shop My Power is a resource that is available to you that can help you make the most out of the opportunities that are a result of power deregulation. We give you the chance to compare electric companies so that you can find the ideal power supplier for your individual situation. Shop My Power wants to make sure that you get connected with the best power supplier for your needs.

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